Patriot Interior Trailer Wash

Patriot The PATRIOT TRAILER WASH, is a PATENT PENDING Automated Interior Trailer Washing System. This system has a 4-wheel hydraulic drive system, a premium quality high pressure pump, and has many adaptable options, which allows you to install this system in many configurations.

The system has a 2-minute automated wash cycle and has the capability to be mounted on a loading dock or without a loading dock. If the laterally moving base option is chosen, the system can move from trailer to trailer, cleaning your trailers without moving them to clean each one.


  • Stainless Steel Component Kit (Axles, Bearings, Sprockets, Hose Reels, and many other misc. parts)
  • Auto-Start
  • Lateral Moving Base to multiple locations
  • Air-Dry System
  • 45GPM Pump Upgrade
  • Hot Water Package (199,000 BTU)
  • Manual Pressure Washer Wand
  • Raised Dock Base (if no dock is present or sits outside)
  • Abutment Structure


  • Low cost per wash
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Same wash quality every time
  • Wash large fleets quickly and efficiently
  • Clean and sanitize in under 2-minutes
  • No hazardous chemical exposure to employees
  • Lower water use than manual washing
  • Lower employee safety risk
  • We customize every machine for your application
Complete Patriot Truck Wash System with Raised Lateral Base

Patriot Base Configurations

Raised Base w/Abutment Structure
Standard Base
Lateral Base
Raised Lateral Base

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