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American Truck Wash would like to thank TMC 2017 for another successful convention.

American Truck Wash wants to thanks all attendees for making TMC 2017 another successful convention and we also looking forward to talking to all who stopped by the booth to learn more about fleet wash systems and the automated interior reefer washout system that is designed to comply with FSMA Regulations.



New Cleaning Methods for Trailers Used in Food Transport

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New Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules regarding food product traceability are now in effect, and their implementation is significantly impacting the maintenance and maintenance management food transport fleets.

The problem of foodborne illness is considerable. Every year, 1 out of 6 people in the United States — 48 million people — suffer from foodborne illnesses; more than a hundred thousand are hospitalized, and thousands die, according to FDA.

FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is designed to help regulators better protect public health through new enforcement authorities, improved food safety standards, and better response mechanisms. For the first time, FDA has a legislative mandate to require comprehensive, prevention-based controls across the food supply. The Administration now holds food companies accountable for preventing contamination or adulteration of food — from where the product is raised or made all the way through to its final destination.

In response to FSMA, industry has had to revisit long-held methods and practices, especially when it comes to cleaning the interiors of trailers used in food transport. Attend this session and learn how your operation should modernize its approach to trailer interior cleaning or run the risk of being found in non-compliance with this new food safety law.


S.7 Trailers, Bodies & Material Handling Study Group Wednesday, February 18

4:15 – 5:45 pm


Fight Back with Wash Dynamics’ CorroDyne System.
The only nitrate mitigation program available that will
effectively manage large scale Fleet Corrosion Protection


Proven Multi-Stage System Excels in Fighting Corrosion. Neutralize Nitrates and Protect your Fleet!
Magnesium and Calcium Based Super Salts are wreaking havoc on North Bound Fleets. Protect your Over the Road Equipment with CorroDyne, our automated undercarriage wash and treatment system. CorroDyne mitigates the negative impact of nitrate residue not neutralized or removed in a typical truck wash environment. Beginning with a focused rinse process that removes bulk contaminants, the CorroDyne System automatically applies Wash Dynamics’ specialized CorroWash chemical treatment. CorroWash releases and removes nitrates from the vehicle, protecting running-gear and undercarriage components. Additional chemical applications of FleetShield Corrosion Inhibitor can then be sequenced based upon particular equipment requirements.

CorroDyne Nitrate Knockdown System

The CorroDyne Nitrate Knockdown System automates the neutralizing and protection process, providing a vast throughput advantage when compared to manual application processes. Is your road equipment left exposed due to manual programs that cannot handle a large fleet scenario? CorroDyne Systems can process over 100 units a day- at pennies on the dollar when maintenance and repair costs are considered. If you haven’t considered a proactive corrosion mitigation approach due to a large fleet, CorroDyne provides the platform to accomplish this effectively. Consider the ongoing costs of leaving your fleet untreated and exposed to the constant barrage of road salts and corrosion. Why not control the issue and put a cap on maintenance costs necessitated by run away corrosion

Costs due to Corrosion have exploded due to modern road salt programs, and expecting calcium and magnesium nitrate residues to be washed away with your current wash system is unrealistic. These nitrates are stubborn, chemically attaching to affected equipment and not effectively removed with standard detergents or water. The CorroWash solution is formulated specifically to attack and neutralize the nitrates, which are then easily removed from fleet equipment with an additional rinse application.

CorroDyne is modular in design: it can be integrated into any existing large vehicle wash system, configured as a stand alone system, or included and coordinated as a component of a new Exterior Truck Wash Installation. Corrodyne is what the name implies- a dynamic system composed of automated hardware components coupled with custom chemical formulations. The combination of each is defined expressly for particular installations and customized based upon environmental, fleet and corporate needs. American made with the finest equipment elements, CorroDyne is an effective tool to combat the environmental destruction of fleet components.

The Tractor-Trailer Large Vehicle Wash Cleans All

We are proud to offer a Tractor-Trailer  Exterior Wash solution built to clean all. In combination with the Interior Wash you have the all inclusive solution to cost efficiency and cleanliness.

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