Freedom Gantry Wash

The FREEDOM, is a Gantry Roll-Over Washing System, designed to use less water and chemicals. This system has a special washing process, which uses high pressure and brushes that follow the contour to clean the outside of your tractor and trailer.


The Freedom system is customizable to your needs, so you can clean your vehicles in a way that suits the design of your facility. This system can utilize touchless and/or 2 and 3 brush technology; it is the ultimate in design and construction. It combines the adaptability of touchless, high-pressure washing for irregular size vehicles and the economical three brush roll-over truck wash.

American Truck Wash uses superior automatic truck cleaning equipment that leaves your fleet clean. We use the finest materials to ensure long lasting life and maximum cleaning performance. Placed sensors throughout every system insure that the spray nozzles and rotating brushes can safely and fully wash your trucks and trailers.

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