Durashield is a durable, long lasting, single step total car protectant that bonds to the large vehicle surface. Durashield can function as a clear coat protectant at low usage levels or perform as a total large vehicle protectant that lasts over 30 days at recommended usage levels. Contains Body Armor® additive – a Blendco exclusive additive that allows the protectant to adhere to the surface of the vehicle more completely. Based on polymer chemistry that actually imparts a polymer coating on the surface of the entire vehicle with no window streaks. Protects surface from harmful UV rays, bird droppings, acid rain and hard water spots while delivering a shiny, durable surface. More cost-effective than other leading brands.

Durashield is a breakthrough total vehicle protectant with polymer film technology and Body Armor® additive to bond longer and stronger to the vehicle’s surface. Available in 6 gallon pails and 30 gallon drums

Usage: For use as a total vehicle protectant, use at 30-60 cc/
ml per car. For use as a clearcoat protectant, use at 6-9 cc/ml
per car.