Transit Kleen is a heavy-duty, highly alkaline, liquid cleaner for
washing the exterior of transportation vehicles. Transit Kleen
penetrates and lifts the toughest soils from vehicle surfaces
leaving a clean surface, free of residue. It removes heavy road
film at low use dilutions for economical vehicle washing. When
used at concentrations of 30:1 or higher, Transit Kleen will
brighten aluminum as well as many acids. This can eliminate
the need for acid brighteners. This cleaner is phosphate-free
and does not contain any SARA 313 reportables. Available in
55 gallon drums and 330 gallon totes

Usage: Use at a dilution of 1:4 to 1:11 for heavy duty soils,
1:10 to 1:25 for medium duty soils, and 1:25 to 1:100 for light
duty soils.