Transit-Jel is a versatile, mild alkaline, effective cleaner that
can be used to remove soils in many areas. When used
as is, Transit-Jel can be used to clean in heavier industrial
applications. This cleaner clings to vertical surfaces, ensuring
intimate contact and extended cling time for tough soils. When
applied through typical foam equipment at the recommended
dilution, a thin gel is created. The thickened solution clings
strongly to surfaces, increasing contact time over typical
foam cleaners. The increased contact time allows the cleaner
to penetrate and react with soils, facilitating their complete
removal from surfaces. Available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon
drums and 330 totes

Usage: When diluting, use Transit-Jel at 6% to 10%, depending
on the degree and type of soils.