American Truck Wash was started in December, 1976. Since that time, we have been exclusively designing, manufacturing, and installing Automated Interior and Exterior Wash Systems for a variety of Food, Grocery, Bus, and Container Transport customers all around the world.

Because of our years of dedication to quality and excellence, we are proud to build the best wash equipment on the market today.

Our automated wash systems are constructed with high quality components and are assembled in the USA to ensure low maintenance and downtime costs.

We also believe in simple designs that are able to get the job done. These designs create excellent washes automatically, making your fleet clean and looking good.

Because of these designs and the components that we use, we can offer a highly adaptable, and a highly customized systems for your facility.

We have patented 3 Automated Interior Trailer Washing Systems since 1976 and we are still engineering new ideas and solutions for our equipment to make sure we are providing you with the best automated wash equipment on the market today.

AMERICAN TRUCK WASH MISSION– To provide all large vehicle fleet owners with extremely high quality, cost efficient wash systems designed to enhance their image, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the life of our customers equipment.


Jeff Gordon


Collin Jones

VP of Engineering

Scott Anderson

Product Engineer

Bryce Caye

Product Engineer

Dalton Mitchell

Electrical Engineer

Marcey Campbell

Business Marketing Manager

Tom Booth

Sales Manager